Barr says he stands through his pre-election comments raising unsubstantiated issues over voter fraud

“I stand through all of that,” Barr urged CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead.” “My view is that during this kind of carefully divided country with so much at stake, we’ve to care for strong protections against fraud and protect the integrity of the election, and I think once they’re diluted and reduced — which that they had been — then people don’t seem to be going to believe throughout the election, whether or not or no longer or no longer fraud occurs.”

Barr made numerous unsubstantiated claims throughout the lead-up to the election that boosted Trump’s fear-mongering about voter fraud ahead of his defeat.

Barr again and again raised, without evidence, the chance that mail-in ballots will also be mass counterfeited through global global places. When asked for evidence to lend a hand the allegations, Barr mentioned his unsubstantiated claims were primarily based most commonly on “common sense” and “common sense.”

The Justice Department had to shed light on that one different allegation put forward through Barr previous than the election — a few meant 1,700 fraudulent ballots in Texas — was once made in error. Election specialists again and again debunked Barr’s comments suggesting that mail vote casting was once prone to mass fraud.

The former criminal skilled fundamental mentioned Friday that he bears no responsibility for other folks believing that there will also be fashionable fraud throughout the election.

After the election, Barr privately driven once more on Trump’s claims of a stolen election, according to an account in Barr’s new memoir, “One Damn Issue After One different.” And in his interview with Tapper on Friday, Barr well-known that two times after the election he publicly rebuked Trump’s false claims of mass election fraud.

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Backs use of debatable price in DOJ’s January 6 investigation

While Barr has carried out down in several media interviews the January 6, 2021, attack on america Capitol as “a insurrection that received out of control,” he mentioned on Friday that he had “no reason to disagree” with the Justice Department’s newest option to put across the politically loaded price of seditious conspiracy against a handful of defendants.

“I merely know what I see, like any folks else, however it undoubtedly seemed to me that there was once this hardcore staff there that type of were given right here dressed for combat … they normally were definitely in search of a struggle,” Barr mentioned.

“If those other folks — whoever, those or somebody else — had a plan to use violence to stop the rely, that shall be a seditious conspiracy,” he persevered.

Would advertising marketing campaign for GOP major warring parties to Trump

In his memoir, Barr steered the Republican Get in combination to lend a hand anyone except Trump throughout the 2024 presidential major — even if Barr has mentioned that he would no doubt lend a hand Trump over a Democrat in a fundamental presidential election.

On Friday, Barr mentioned he would change into taken with major struggle to lend a hand Republican applicants who challenged the former President, who is anticipated to be the Republican frontrunner if he jumps into the 2024 race.

“I think the Republicans can win a decisive majority. On the other hand I don’t think we’re in a position to do it with Trump. He’s too divisive a candidate,” Barr mentioned, even if he wouldn’t establish any explicit GOP contenders that he’s eyeing.

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“There’s an entire slew of them, I think, and I’ll let them run around the follow for a while, then again I definitely would lend a hand … any of those folks,” he mentioned.

In reaction, Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington urged CNN that “it isn’t surprising Bill Barr would try to paintings against the will of the oldsters, that’s what he did in 2020.”

Barr’s memoir describes a variety of episodes all over his tenure atop Trump’s Justice Department all through which Barr says the former President displayed erratic and manic conduct.

However, the former criminal skilled fundamental mentioned he didn’t view any of Trump’s pre-election habits as disqualifying for the place of business of the president.

“I supported his insurance coverage insurance policies. I was very aware of his personal failings — in particular his pettiness and his temper when he isn’t getting his manner,” Barr mentioned. “On the other hand, up until the election, I felt that for those who occur to had strong Cabinet secretaries who’re ready to do combat, you could maintain problems on follow, and I individually felt that we did a relatively excellent task of that. On the other hand after the election … he merely went off the rails.”

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