How can this ‘bongo park’ save a species from extinction?

The luxurious plains of Nanyuki, Kenya have been as soon as house to huge herds of mountain bongos.

Characterized by means of their reddish-brown coats and pointed horns, the herbivorous antelope is frequently present in dense forestland consuming leaves from first light until nightfall.

However after many years of unchecked poaching, there at the moment are fewer than 100 people left within the wild – a drastic decline which might see the species disappear altogether.

“After the Nineteen Fifties, this animal began going via an excessively secure decline,” says Robert Aruho, head of conservation at Mount Kenya Flora and fauna Conservancy.

“That is in large part attributed to poaching as a result of bongos are very giant animals, so a poacher killing one gets a large praise for the beef and in addition the surface.”

Aruho is now main efforts to preserve the species, offering medicine, meals and coverage to the endangered antelope.

“The ultimate nationwide natural world census verified that there are best 96 bongos left within the wild and that’s very alarming,” continues Aruho.

In a bid to spice up numbers, the conservation initiative introduced the Mawingu Bongo Sanctuary – a 3 sq. kilometre safe house situated at the steep slopes of Mount Kenya.

This week, 5 animals might be launched into the ‘bongo park’ – the primary time such an operation has been undertaken.

However in spite of the purpose for optimism, Aruho is cautious that fighting extinction comes at a price.

“After they succeed in some degree the place we will have to are available to lend a hand them, the fee we pay in the case of monetary sources, human sources may be very, very giant, and infrequently we don’t seem to be in a position to pay that worth,” he says.

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“Reversing extinction may be very pricey, and we will have to do the whole lot that it takes to stop this species from attaining it.”

Watch the video above to peer the threatened mountain bongos for your self.