Katsuya Dubai chef Pavel Nigai stocks his recipe for succulent black miso cod

A brand new lodge has opened in Dubai’s up and coming Trade Bay neighbourhood. The 276-room Hyde Dubai enjoys a decision location overlooking the meandering Dubai Canal, and the lodge’s flagship eating place, Katsuya, is designed to capitalise at the dynamic vista with its atmospheric open-air terrace.

Katsuya chef Pavel Nigai has designed a menu to distinction with the fashionable city backdrop. Nigai’s focal point is on conventional Eastern meals.

“Numerous eating places make [sushi] the American approach. I choose for Katsuya eating place to stay Eastern traditions. Many of us don’t perceive Eastern delicacies – conventional Eastern sushi is handiest rice and fish.”

“It’s essential to make use of high quality merchandise or elements – and natural ones,” provides Nigai, declaring that sushi made with elements reminiscent of Philadelphia cream cheese is extra American than it’s Eastern.

One in every of Nigai’s conventional signature dishes is black miso cod. Regardless that the dish used to be made across the world well-known within the Nineteen Eighties through chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the process of retaining fish – the usage of sake lees (a paste leftover from sake manufacturing) and miso (a fermented soybean paste) — has been utilized in Japan for hundreds of years.

Matsuhisa made the marinade sweeter, including sugar and mirin (a candy rice wine), and Nigai’s recipe follows swimsuit. Right here’s his black miso cod recipe. ‘Douzo meshiagare’, because the Eastern would, or ‘please lend a hand your self’.

Black Miso Cod Recipe


• Miso relief 30gm
_To make to miso relief Nigai’s mixes 1qt mirin, 1qt sake, 2floz granulated sugar, 1qt miso paste and 20g honey
_• Cod 1 piece/200gm
• Garnish with grilled shimeji mushroom, bonito (tuna) flakes and a touch of soy sauce
• Cedarwood 1pc/1gm if the usage of a robata grill for mushrooms

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1. Marinate cod in part of the miso relief.

2. Prepare dinner in salamander or grill till virtually cooked thru, then take out cod and unfold the rest of miso relief excessive.

3. Put cod again in salamander and make allowance miso topping to caramelise; end in a robata grill or fish fry when you’ve got one for a smoky flavour

4. Grill shimeji mushroom at the robata or fish fry, then serve on a plate with a touch of soy sauce and a sprinkle of bonito flakes

5. Position cod within the center whilst sizzling and serve.