Those Lego local weather rebels are proving that nobody is just too small to make a distinction

‘Artivist’ Woody began Lego Revolt all the way through the COVID-19 pandemic, re-creating real-life environmental motion the use of the vibrant bricks.

Woody’s first undertaking used to be impressed by means of the enduring bink boat that Extinction Revolt positioned in Oxford Circus, London all the way through a significant protest in 2019. He purchased some secondhand Lego on-line, constructed the boat and confirmed it to pals and fellow activists.

“Everybody roughly fell in love with it and so they have been like, ‘Oh, what are you going to do subsequent?!’”

The British artivist began to recreate extra scenes together with the movements towards HS2 in the United Kingdom and protests out of doors of Coca Cola headquarters.

Rising from a lockdown funny story

Woody used to be impressed by means of the tale of a Russian the city the place protest used to be banned. The citizens there discovered a loophole – figuring that, whilst other folks weren’t allowed to participate, toys may just as a result of they weren’t voters of the rustic.

An activist’s paintings isn’t amusing however he says the brick scenes have captured other folks’s creativeness – and made them snort amid the insanity of the entire local weather disaster.

It used to be a singular type of environmental motion and what began as a lockdown funny story grew with the artist’s photographs gaining world reputation all the way through COP26.

“For the Local weather Summit in Glasgow closing yr, the Lego rebels did an motion which wasn’t according to a real-life motion like their different movements however it used to be according to real-life activism.”

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“It used to be towards Shell to prevent the Cambo oil box within the North Sea.”

Via the top of the local weather convention, thousands and thousands of other folks from in all places the sector had noticed the photographs on social media and other folks have been messaging Woody from Australia concerning the Lego Rebels. 3 weeks later Shell pulled out of the Cambo oil box.

“I’m now not for one minute suggesting that it’s as a result of the Lego Revolt however it brings me again to the little strapline I gave the undertaking: nobody is just too small to make a distinction.”

An existential environmental disaster

There’s been some backlash with other folks on social media wondering why he chooses to make use of plastic toys. However, Woody says, the tiny Lego individuals are so much like us.

“Plastic is a spinoff of fossil fuels. , it is a made of the processing of oil. So the concept that of an existential local weather disaster is even tougher for the Lego rebels.”

“There is the most important allegory right here that used to be now not an purpose, however it is one thing that I have attempted to expand with the narrative of the tales as they move on,” he explains.

“The Lego rebels are a part of the issue, in the similar approach that human beings are a part of the issue.”

All the bricks used for the movements are both purchased secondhand or donated. Contemporary sustainability efforts imply that one of the crucial items getting used within the Lego scenes are actually being constructed from a plastic produced the use of sustainably sourced sugarcane slightly than fossil fuels.

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Woody provides that, in contrast to the plastic bottles which are the objective of the Lego Revolt’s Coca Cola motion, the toy construction blocks are used over and over. One of the crucial secondhand bricks he has purchased on-line date again to the Nineteen Sixties and 70s.

“The article about Lego is, if there is a spectrum of single-use and multi-use, Lego is ready as a long way got rid of from a Coca Cola bottle as you’ll be able to be.”

Amplifying local weather problems

One in every of Woody’s installations is lately on the Local weather Emergency Centre in Guildford, UK. The large 3 by means of three-metre piece is positioned within the window, drawing other folks off the streets.

He says it is attention-grabbing to spend time on the centre, observing the interactions between kids and adults. Children are drawn in by means of the Lego and their folks need to give an explanation for to them the massive problems the piece represents.

“It is if truth be told develop into a significant roughly outreach software as neatly.”

There’s humour to it, he says, that permits other folks to procedure the tricky truth of local weather trade. A lot of Extinction Revolt’s protests, just like the red boat, have a component of the absurd to them and Woody believes he’s echoing that with the Lego Rebels.

“Those are genuine local weather problems that we are coping with. What I have came upon is that doing this amplifies those problems to these out of doors of bubbles.”

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